True Friends Stab You In The Front

from by The Day Will Come



Do you ever look back, and feel an ounce of regret, do you ever remember, oh how could you ever forget.
You will be in my deleted scenes, right now you're nothing me, I'm searching I am searching for a way to get my hands around your throat.
There's no way I can forgive and forget, what done is done and what's been said has been said, what's been said has been said.
There hasn't been a day, I've not wished to see your face,
Walking by my window, hunger builds for the thrill of the chase.
So quick to betray, and push your friends away
With hungry eyes I'll watch you squirm, I'll watch you fall from grace.
Don't ever show your face again round here, you're not welcome anymore
The decisions you chose to make erased the bond we had before
What was going through your head?
Why did you choose that path to follow?
You chose a life of betrayal instead you soulless fuck
Your rise and demise, I shall bear witness
There is no point in your existence
You put a price on all your friends
Now tell me was it worth it in the end?
You turned your back on everyone that ever cared for you
I hope you get what you deserve before this is all through
This open letter to the world
Which i hope you have time to read
Says remember where you came from
Don't ruin your life with greed.
How do you even sleep at night
Knowing the ones you left behind
On a bed of snakes, you slimey cunt
You can't undo all the damage you've done
The damage you've done.


from Life Before Our Eyes, released October 31, 2013



all rights reserved


The Day Will Come Liverpool, UK

"Liverpool based metal outfit 'The Day Will Come' are back with a vengeance having just released their debut EP 'Life Before Our Eyes'. The EP was recorded at 4D Studios in Milton Keynes with Tesseract guitarist Acle Kahney and is available for free download on their Bandcamp page." ... more

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